Promed P150: Eco-Friendly Medical Waste Sterilization by VERTISA Medical Waste Sterilization System

VERTISA Medical Waste Sterilization System, a trailblazer in efficient medical waste management, presents a revolutionary solution with the PROMED P150. Crafted with VERTISA’s engineering prowess and a commitment to environmental friendliness, the PROMED P150 emerges as a distinctive offering in the industry.

Utilizing advanced microwave-induced sterilization technology, the PROMED P150 proves to be a swift and effective solution. Tailored to the requirements of healthcare facilities, this technology adeptly eradicates microbes while adhering to environmentally conscious practices.

The control systems, specially devised by VERTISA for the PROMED P150, intelligently oversee the sterilization process. This ensures not only user-friendly operation but also consistently reliable outcomes for operators.

With an eco-friendly design, the PROMED P150 operates with minimal environmental impact, employing sustainable sterilization processes and boasting low energy consumption. Operating without the need for water, this system contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

The PROMED P150, a synergy of VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s engineering excellence and eco-conscious approach, delivers contemporary and efficient medical waste management for healthcare institutions. With microwave technology, advanced control systems, and an environmentally friendly design, the PROMED P150 solidifies its leadership in medical waste sterilization within the industry.

Exceptional Attributes and Advantages of PROMED P150

In the realm of healthcare, where effective medical waste management is paramount, VERTISA Medical Waste Sterilization System introduces a transformative solution – PROMED P150. This system’s distinctive features and benefits offer healthcare institutions an environmentally conscious, rapid, and efficient approach to medical waste sterilization.

  1. Cutting-Edge Microwave-Induced Sterilization Technology: PROMED P150 embraces microwave-induced sterilization technology, surpassing conventional methods. This innovation utilizes microwave energy to swiftly and efficiently sterilize medical waste, resulting in reduced processing times and lower energy consumption.
  2. Advanced PLC Control System: Boasting an advanced PLC control system, PROMED P150 meticulously manages the sterilization process step by step. This system ensures user-friendly operation for operators, contributing to consistently reliable results. Operators can effortlessly monitor and control the sterilization process through its intuitive interface.
  3. Eco-Friendly Design and Energy Efficiency: PROMED P150 distinguishes itself with an eco-friendly design and minimal energy consumption. Operating without water consumption aids in preserving water resources, while energy efficiency reduces operational costs. This environmentally conscious approach provides healthcare institutions with a sustainable solution for medical waste management.
  4. High Capacity and Swift Operation: Featuring a capacity range of 33-70 kg/hour, PROMED P150 is an ideal solution for clinics and small hospitals. Its rapid processing times guarantee effective medical waste management without disrupting operational efficiency and daily routines.
  5. Integrated Control and Monitoring Software: PROMED P150 comes equipped with advanced control and monitoring software, offering healthcare institutions the ability to manage their operations more effectively through remote access and automatic reporting.

The distinctive features and myriad benefits offered by PROMED P150 present healthcare institutions with a modern, environmentally conscious, and dependable solution for medical waste sterilization. These features exemplify VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility.

The Sterilization Process of PROMED P150: A Detailed Walkthrough

PROMED P150 brings forth an innovative approach to medical waste sterilization, implementing a distinctive step-by-step process to achieve remarkable results. Below is a comprehensive explanation of the sterilization process employed by PROMED P150:

  1. Loading: The sterilization process kicks off as the operator opens the top lid automatically. After placing the waste into the loading chamber, the top lid closes, initiating the crucial shredding process. Shredding the medical waste stands as the initial pivotal step in the process.
  2. Shredding/Microwave: In the course of the shredding process, specially designed microwave technology comes into play. The shredder, under the management of an advanced PLC control system, incorporates blades with “anti-block” features, effectively grinding tough materials. This stage facilitates the processing of medical waste with microwave energy.
  3. Heating/Sterilization: Following the microwave process, the sterilization process kicks in. Saturated steam is injected into the upper and lower chambers to maintain a homogeneous temperature. Under programmable temperature and pressure conditions, both the medical waste and the sterilizer’s interior are kept at 134°C – 148°C for 10 – 20 minutes, ensuring thorough sterilization.
  4. Cooling and Emptying: Upon the completion of sterilization, the temperature inside the sterilizer is reduced by spraying cool water onto the double-walled process chamber. Condensed water is safely drained into the wastewater system, and any remaining steam is expelled through a vacuum pump.
  5. Emptying: After confirming safe operating conditions, a digital signal is sent to the operator, and the bottom door opens automatically to discharge sterilized waste. The waste is emptied into a sealed container provided with each sterilizer. Once the emptying process concludes, the bottom door automatically closes, and PROMED P150 proceeds to the next sterilization cycle.

This detailed walkthrough clearly outlines how PROMED P150 assumes a leading role in medical waste sterilization. Through the integration of microwave technology, advanced control systems, and an environmentally friendly design, it provides healthcare institutions with an effective and reliable sterilization solution.

Conclusion: VERTISA Medical Waste Sterilization System and PROMED P150 – Trailblazers in Healthcare Sector Advancement

VERTISA Medical Waste Sterilization System, through its commitment to excellence in the healthcare sector and the introduction of pioneering solutions like PROMED P150, stands out as a frontrunner in reshaping medical waste management. PROMED P150, with its eco-friendly design, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding performance, seamlessly addresses the evolving needs of healthcare institutions.

The cornerstone of PROMED P150 lies in its microwave-induced sterilization technology, a pivotal feature that sets the stage for swift and reliable medical waste sterilization. The advanced PLC control system orchestrates the sterilization process, ensuring operational ease for operators and underscoring sustainability through its environmentally conscious design.

Crafted in alignment with VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s environmental stewardship, PROMED P150 actively contributes to the conservation of natural resources by operating without the need for water consumption. Simultaneously, it lowers costs through minimal energy consumption and bolsters operational efficiency for healthcare institutions with its substantial capacity.

The impact of this solution extends beyond proficient medical waste management; it serves as a trailblazer in championing environmental sustainability in harmony with VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s commitments, setting new standards for the future of the healthcare sector.

In summary, driven by VERTISA Medical Waste Sterilization System’s engineering prowess and eco-friendly ethos, PROMED P150 signifies a transformative force in the healthcare sector. This solution will persist as an industry leader, providing healthcare institutions with a dependable, efficient, and environmentally conscious approach to medical waste management.


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