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At the beginning of the cycle , once the upper lid opens, the operator loads the waste in the loading chamber.

Shredding / Microwave

The shredder, controlled by the PLC, changes rotation direction due to the “anti blocking” capability that prevents the blades to get jammed. Durring the shredding process the waste is treated with microwave generated by 6 integrated magnetron units (Optional)

Our special design shredder is capable of grinding very hard materials like surgical stainless steel instruments and hard ceramics.

Heating / Sterilization

Heating is achieved by injecting saturated steam until the homogeneous temperature in the upper and lower chamber reaches 134°C (274 F). Sterilization is completed by maintaining 134°C (274 F) – 138 °C (280 F) temperature and equivalent pressure for a period of 10 – 15 minutes.

These factors provide the possibility to decrease the pathogenic contamination level in the medical waste by 8 Log 10 value.

Cooling and Draining

Excess steam in the chamber is removed during cooling phase and the temperature of the grinded sterilized waste is lowered to by injecting cold air in the chamber of the autoclave.

The condensed water, that sterile and can be safely discharged into the sewage system is drained with the help of positive pressure or vacuum.


Once the unloading lid opens and a container is placed below the waste drawer, the operator pulls out the drawer and emties the sterile waste into the container.

As the container is pulled away, the lower lid closes and the sterilizer automatically starts the next cycle.


You can watch the videos by clicking on them.

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