Efficient Medical Waste Management: Unlocking High-Performance with Vertisa PROMED P300


The sterilization of medical waste stands as a critical imperative within healthcare establishments, holding profound implications for both environmental sustainability and public health. In the landscape of current sterilization methods, the PROMED P300 emerges as a groundbreaking solution, promising effective and conscientious medical waste management.

Existing approaches to medical waste sterilization often present challenges that impact environmental and public health. In this context, the PROMED P300 addresses the specific needs of medium-sized hospitals, boasting a robust capacity of 100 kg/hour. Key advantages of the PROMED P300 include its premium stainless steel pressure vessel, a design approved by TUV Austria, and adherence to EU AB Directives. Moreover, its integrated automation control system, equipped with advanced reporting and visualization software, seamlessly guides operators through each step of the sterilization process.

The PROMED P300 distinguishes itself by operating with complete automation, eliminating the need for constant operator intervention. Additionally, it embraces an eco-conscious approach by incorporating features such as zero water consumption and minimal fuel and electricity usage through integrated steam boilers. With these features, the PROMED P300 not only raises the bar for medical waste sterilization but also establishes itself as an environmentally friendly and efficient solution within the healthcare sector.

PROMED P300: Cutting-Edge System for High-Performance Medical Waste Sterilization

As a trailblazing solution in the realm of medical waste sterilization, PROMED P300 garners attention for its exceptional features, advantages, technical intricacies, and adherence to global standards.

Distinctive Features and Advantages:

  1. Premium Build: PROMED P300 prioritizes robustness and dependability through the utilization of high-quality stainless steel in constructing its pressure vessel.
  2. TUV-Approved Design: The product’s design has earned the stamp of approval from TUV Austria, attesting to its reliability and top-notch quality.
  3. Integrated Automation Control System: PROMED P300 excels with an integrated automation control system featuring reporting and visualization software, elevating the efficiency of sterilization process management.
  4. Environmentally Conscious Design: Boasting zero water consumption and minimal fuel/electricity usage, PROMED P300 presents an eco-friendly sterilization solution.

Technical Specifications:

The technical details of PROMED P300 are outlined as follows:

  • Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 3600 mm
  • Weight: 2200 Kg
  • Steam Pressure: Maximum 8 Bar
  • Required Electrical Power: 15 Kw
  • Sterilization Capacity: 80-100 Kg/Hour
  • Process Volume Capacity: 400 Lt.
  • Average Waste Density: 100-150 Kg/m³
  • Average Cycle Time: 30 Minutes
  • Maximum Steam Flow: 270 Kg/Hour
  • Sterilization Efficiency (SAL): 8log10

Product Comparison:

In contrast to alternative Vertisa models (P50, P100, P150), PROMED P300 emerges as the optimal choice tailored for medium-sized hospitals. Its standout features include substantial capacity, an eco-conscious design, and sophisticated control systems, delivering a seamless solution that aligns precisely with the requirements of the healthcare sector.

PROMED P300: Applications and Advantages

With its diverse range of applications and benefits, PROMED P300 distinguishes itself as a versatile solution suitable for various institutions across different sectors. Explore the specific application areas and advantages of P300:

Healthcare Sector:

PROMED P300 plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient medical waste management for medium-sized hospitals. Its substantial capacity and environmentally friendly design provide a reliable sterilization solution, contributing to both the safety and effectiveness of hospital waste management.

Clinics and Healthcare Service Providers:

Ideal for clinics, polyclinics, and other healthcare service providers, P300’s automatic operation, low energy consumption, and high efficiency enable these institutions to optimize sterilization processes while embracing an environmentally friendly approach.

Research and Laboratories:

Research centers and laboratories find a secure solution for waste sterilization in P300. The high efficiency achieved during the sterilization process supports the seamless daily operations of these facilities. 

Environmentally Conscious Institutions:

PROMED P300’s eco-friendly design, characterized by zero water consumption and low energy usage, allows environmentally conscious institutions to contribute to effective waste management and sustainability goals.

Economic Benefits:

The automatic operation of P300, coupled with minimal operator intervention and low energy consumption, proves to be cost-effective for institutions, reducing overall operating expenses and providing an economically advantageous solution.

PROMED P300 stands as an innovative and beneficial solution in the realm of medical waste management, catering to the diverse needs of institutions across various sectors.

PROMED P300: The Preferred Choice for Sustainable Sterilization

PROMED P300 stands at the forefront of medical waste sterilization solutions, offering a host of compelling advantages. The following key factors and future initiatives elucidate why P300 should be the top choice:

Advantages: At the core of PROMED P300’s appeal is its remarkable capacity and highly effective sterilization process. Its versatility is evident in its wide application range, catering to everything from medium-sized hospitals to laboratories. Operating without water consumption due to its environmentally conscious design, P300 emerges as an ideal selection for institutions committed to sustainability. Beyond ecological benefits, it brings economic advantages by minimizing environmental impact through low energy consumption.

The automatic operation and advanced control system provide user-friendly operation, ensuring consistently reliable results. This feature proves invaluable for healthcare institutions and laboratories seeking to streamline their daily operations.

Sustained Advantages: Another notable strength of PROMED P300 lies in its tailored design for medium-sized hospitals and healthcare institutions, making it a bespoke solution for the sector. Addressing the unique needs of the healthcare industry, P300’s user-friendly interface and robust control systems offer a pragmatic approach to optimizing operational processes.

Future Plans: PROMED P300 is imbued with a commitment to continuous improvement and advancement. Future plans encompass enhancing energy efficiency, updating user interfaces for even greater accessibility, and integrating cutting-edge technologies. Subsequent iterations of P300 aim to introduce additional features and functionalities based on user feedback, with the goal of consistently surpassing industry standards.


Vertisa’s flagship product, PROMED P300, stands out as an environmentally friendly and high-performance solution in medical waste sterilization, taking a prominent position in the industry. This innovative system, applicable across a wide spectrum from the healthcare sector to research laboratories, draws attention with its high capacity, eco-friendly design, and advanced control systems.

PROMED P300 forms a crucial part of Vertisa’s excellent array of solutions for healthcare institutions, clinics, and laboratories. Its high capacity ensures effective waste management in medium-sized hospitals, offering a sustainable option aligned with environmental goals. Features such as automatic operation, low energy consumption, and high efficiency assist clinics and other healthcare providers in optimizing their sterilization processes.

Furthermore, the eco-friendly design of PROMED P300, operating without water consumption and with low energy usage, provides an opportunity for environmentally conscious organizations to contribute to waste management and sustainability objectives.

Highlighting both economic and environmental advantages, PROMED P300 continues to support Vertisa’s mission by aiming to surpass industry standards based on user feedback. Vertisa emerges as a pioneering company, prominently positioned in providing a sustainable, effective, and innovative solution for medical waste management with PROMED P300.

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